UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

The UFC's popularity has skyrocketed over the past few years with each Pay-Per-View event garnering more and more attention. UFC has gained traction thanks to huge superstar talents and personalities Conor McGregor and Tyron Woodley. The UFC is always making headlines and attracting more fans by the day. Check the UFC upcoming schedule below for your UFC tickets as it seems history is being made every time the bell rings!


The UFC, or Ultimate Fighting Championship, was developed by advertising executive Art Davie in conjunction with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu master Rorion Gracie. Davie proposed a tournament where fighters from different disciplines would match up in a no-holds-barred-style event. The early UFC also tossed out weight classes, so that two fighters of vastly different sizes and weights might end up fighting together. Stricter rules have been implemented, including the addition of weight classes. The first UFC event attracted over 86,000 viewers, which is in addition to the thousands who bought UFC tickets for the event.


Since then, Dana White and his right hand man Lorenzo Feritta have made the UFC their passion and the organization has become one of the most profitable in the country. Some of the legends that helped propel the UFC to new heights are names like Georges St. Pierre, Randy Couture, Brock Lesnar, Anderson Silva and Conor McGregor. These fighters have passed the torch from one fighter to the next and the UFC talent only seems to get better and better, and as a result fans have taken notice. If you aren't on the UFC bandwagon yet there is still plenty of time to jump on. Seeing one of these intense nights of pure fighting live at the venue will make you a believer of just how great the UFC is. UFC tickets for the biggest upcoming events are still available above, find yours today!

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